My own postnatal recovery has been the driving force behind the development of the pregnancy and postnatal treatments and courses I am now able to provide. My wish is for women and new mothers to emerge from their postnatal recovery thriving and ready to take on the worlds ultimate endurance event – MOTHERHOOD!

Postnatal Consultation

I have my own experiences of the physical, emotional and healing aspects of birth. Whilst every experience is completely unique, an all too common occurrence is the lack of knowledge surrounding how to best recover from birth and how and when to return to exercise safely.

The aim of the postnatal consultation is to assess how the body is currently functioning and give you some takeaway exercises and strategies to get you back to feeling strong and connected to your core muscles.

What you can expect from a Postnatal Consultation:

  • Assessment of how the Core Muscles are working using NeuroKinetic Therapy protocols
  • Assessment of breathing strategies, posture and compensation patterns
  • Check for Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
  • Treatment for Scar site/abdominals using Physiokey Therapy
  • Individualised corrective exercises

Treatment options following your consultation

  • Follow up sessions to monitor progess
  • Attending postnatal group course
  • A course of physiokey to accelerate the bodies healing capabilities (recommended for c-section scar healing)
  • Returning to chosen activities confident that your core is restored following pregnancy

*Whilst Jade can certainly assist with pelvic floor dysfunction please note that she will often recommend you seek diagnosis or advice from your women health physiotherapist. In Southend you may self refer for this service up until your baby is 8 weeks old. If you have concern about your pelvic floor following pregnancy, please do not suffer in silence. With the correct treatment many cases are completely solved with Pilates and physio. If you are keen to return to high impact activities such as running soon after giving birth it is also highly recommended that you seek clearance from a womens health physio*


postnatal Pilates

I feel passionate about providing a supportive environment where mums can come together  and re-connect with their bodies. The mother & baby classes have been meticulously tweaked and designed to meet the needs of new mums and throughout the class you will learn how to safely perform Pilates exercises that focus rebalancing and restoring the body – Jade West

Mother and Baby Pilates

This 6 week Pilates course is a MUST for all mums who want to safely restore their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Suitable from 6 weeks postpartum (8 weeks for c-section) this course will guide you through the first stages of your postnatal recovery. Babies are welcome along to the sessions until they are crawling, so no need to worry about childcare.

Postnatal Pilates

Being a Mum is hard work both physically and emotionally. This class is designed to bridge the gap between motherhood and general matwork classes. You can attend this class after you have completed the 4 week introductory course.

This mixed ability Mother and Baby Pilates class using small equipment and focuses on: Safely strengthening the core muscles, dynamic activation of the pelvic floor, improved strength, flexibility and awareness of posture and how to improve it.


Pregnancy Pilates

Saturday 12-1pm suitable from 12 weeks right up until baby arrives (yay). If you have any special considerations with your pregnancy please call Jade ahead of your first class to discuss your needs 01702 715643

All bookings for Pregnancy Pilates are taken directly via Shambhala Studios please call 01702 478924 or visit the website: