The physiokey is a completely natural and drug free way to relive pain and treat both acute and chronic conditions in the body.

I have been working with this device since 2016 and the results my clients have achieved are unparalleled to any other treatment modality. Due to the versatility and intelligence of the physiokey, I have an extensive list of conditions and injuries I have been able to assist clients to completely heal from, including;

Accelerated healing from surgery
Sports Injuries
Enhanced athletic performance
Pre & Post race/event
Chronic Back, Neck and Shoulder Conditions
Accelerated wound healing
Chronic Fatigue
Scar Tissue, soft tissue adhesions
Emotional Rebalancing
Ligament Damage
Knee Injuries
Sciatic Nerve Syndrome
C-Section accelerated healing
Nerve damage
IBS and digestive complaints
Post Traumatic Stress
Deep Relaxation (in conjunction with Reiki)

The phsyiokey was used amongst many of the medalling teams at the Rio Olympics, Jade is one of the few practitioners in the UK who is currently able to offer this treatment.

athletic performance

Simply put – the Physiokey has the intelligence to communicate with your nervous system and this accelerates and amplifies the bodies own healing capabilities.

Physiokey works by stimulating areas of the brain that regulate the autonomic nervous system and homeostasis. The treatment is delivered via the skin and produces local effects, by stimulating the skin, muscles and cells underneath the electrode – it also provides a whole body influence with it’s effect on the nervous and endocrine system.

The observed clinical effects of Physiokey:

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Range of movement due to muscle relaxation
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Feeling of wellbeing

Intended use of Physiokey

  • Acute and chronic pain reduction
  • Accelerated improvement and recovery of function
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Passive muscle stimulation


  • Cardiac pacemaker or other electronically powered implant
  • Patients prone to seizures
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Pregnancy (only due to lack of research in this client population)

Treatment plan varies due to the individual nature of the bodies healing response but most clients require between 5-10 sessions for complete or significant long term improvements.

Please contact Jade to discuss how physiokey could be the key to unlocking your health and wellbeing.

learn more about Physiokey click the image below to read – An evidence based approach to neurostimulation therapy

athletic performance