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Matwork Pilates

I have taught Pilates for just over a decade and I never tire of the results and intelligence that this form of exercise offers. Where fads and fitness crazes have come and gone Pilates is gaining more solidarity from the medical and fitness industry in its ability to improve performance, fitness, rehabilitation and quality of life.

I am currently teaching group classes at Shambhala Studios and I do not have the availability to take on 1-2-1 clients at this time.


The physiokey is a completely natural and drug free way to relive pain and treat both acute and chronic conditions in the body. A course of treatment can vary between 5-10 sessions depending on the condition and how rapidly the body adapts.

Jade first received treatment when looking to naturally heal from a chronic health complaint and is now one of the few UK advanced practitioners who is able to offer this cutting edge treatment.

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Simply put – the Physiokey has the intelligence to communicate with your nervous system and this accelerates and amplifies the bodies own healing capabilities.

Physiokey works by stimulating areas of the brain that regulate the autonomic nervous system and homeostasis. The treatment is delivered via the skin and produces local effects, by stimulating the skin, muscles and cells underneath the electrode – it also provides a whole body influence with it’s effect the nervous and endocrine system.

The observed clinical effects of Physiokey:

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Range of movement due to muscle relaxation
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Feeling of wellbeing, lightness, relaxed but not tire

Intended use of Physiokey

  • Acute and chronic pain reduction
  • Accelerated improvement and recovery of function
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Passive muscle stimulation


  • Cardiac pacemaker or other electronically powered implant
  • Patients prone to seizures
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Pregnancy (only due to lack of research in this client population)

Sports Massage – ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage

A combination of Sports and Swedish massage techniques are incorporated to provide a therapeutic treatment for the bodies aches, pains and injuries. 60 and 30 minute appointments are available


A very gentle and relaxing energy balancing treatment that focuses on the energetics of healing and how that can influence our physical body. 60 and 30 minute appointments are available